How can a web design agency help your company?

#5 ways a web design agency can help improve your business website.

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A web design agency can help improve aspects of the website that will benefit your online marketing.

Websites can increase the visibility of your business, they are a great way to establish and maintain digital connections, and through e-commerce, your store is open 24/7.

Whether the website is to serve as an electronic business card, portfolio, blog, e-commerce, or something else, a web design agency will help you to improve the following five best practices:

#1 - Communicate a clear message and website purpose to visitors

A web design agency helps in sending a clear website message

Imagine you visit a website where the message of what they do is not direct, you can scroll down to the home page to find out more, but how long does it take to find information online?

When you drive traffic to your website, you need to give visitors what they are looking for by providing relevant information with a clear message.

A professional web designer can help you communicate with your audience by combining colors, images, videos, and words to create a short message.

Clear communication with your website visitors and interaction-oriented web design will improve performance and help with SEO ranking.

#2 - Fast loading web page

fast loading website performance

A long wait for a website to load is a waste of time and money.

No one wants to visit a website that is taking too long to load, and most of the time, users leave without seeing the first web page, which means that you have spent a long time designing a website and it is not working as well as it should.

When you pay for advertising that runs PPC campaigns, you pay per click on your ads, and if the web page is not visible to users in a short period, you pay for a click without a visitor. 

So a fast-loading website means better marketing and higher results at a lower cost.

Before you drive traffic to your website, take a page speed test or hire a professional web designer.

#3 - Mobile friendly

mobile friendly website

A website should fit a computer screen and a cell phone screen, as each device can have a different screen size.

Especially now that almost everyone owns a smartphone, and most of the web traffic comes from mobile phones, it is important to have a website that is optimized for mobile.

A mobile-friendly website must be sized and coded for easy interaction on a mobile device.

That means: 

  • Text is easy to read
  • Easy to navigate
  • It’s nice to watch

#4 - UX/UI (User experience / User interface)

Web design agency working on a UX-UI design

Your website may have some helpful content, but if its webpage does not look nice, it might create a bad UI, and a result could be a bad UX.

Some websites may need a stylish look, an elegant look, or more, it all depends on your audience, and most of the time for a good UI the most simple web design is the one to work best.

A good UX refers to the experience on your business website, from the way things are displayed and accessed, to all the processes behind it, such as: receiving a welcome email after a subscription refers to good UX.

The same goes for e-commerce, where from a user’s perspective, a good UX means a confirmation email right after placing an order.

#5 - Conversion optimized

conversion optimised website

A website optimized for conversions consists of a great UX / UI and a clear and visible call-to-action.

A call-to-action can be a button to book an appointment, send a message, place a call, a subscription form, and more.

In the case of e-commerce, an example of conversion optimization is a visible add-to-cart button or different payment options to check out. 

Another technique to improve conversions is to add more features, such as an automated behavior-based email system that sends targeted emails to customers based on their interaction in the buying cycle.


The five best practices above are a brief introduction to how a web design agency can help your business website look good and perform well while improving also visibility and brand recognition.

A website allows people from all over the world and from your local area to get to know you, and a good design will make a good first impression.

You Never Get a Second Chance to Make a Good First Impression.

Based on the quote above, once a person makes the first impression, they filter each person’s activities by their assumptions.

Most people will judge your business within the first seven seconds, and their opinion will most likely never change.

So it is important to make a good first impression because you only get one shot at it.

If you are planning to design a website for your business, we recommend that you do it with the help of an experienced web designer for a quick and responsive design.

I invite you to visit our web design agency page to read how we can help you improve your company website and contact us for any questions or book a free web design consultation.

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